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"I met Riley through a letter I received in the mail, saying he does Home Buying. I was kind of scared of the whole process, I have talked with a bunch of my friends and when they sold their homes it was a nightmare. However when I first met Riley he was really cool, answered all my questions, helped me through the whole process, and made it seem like eating a piece of pie. It was really easy. If I knew anyone else looking to buy a home, I would definitely recommend him to anybody."

Johnny Drinkard

"Riley Rogers helped me and my mom sell her house. He did a really good job and was very efficient with buying the home from us. We contacted him from a letter he sent us. He met with us and gave us some different options to purchase the home. He was very honest and upfront, we trusted the options he gave us and picked the best one for us. The entire process was very simple and smooth. We are grateful for the help and advice."

Billie Williams

"I recently took a new position out of state and needed to sell my house immediately. We needed to do some work on the home to get it ready to sell. We spoke with Riley and discussed our options. He was able to make us an offer that essentially gave us the same amount without having to go through the hassle of the remodel ourselves. Very happy with the decision we made."

The Richardson Family

"I just want to send you a BIG THANKS. I am blessed and very thankful for you and your team! You are good people. Thank you from my family! Also thank you for the advance of $250 before closing, that was extremely helpful to have and use before we actually closed and received our money. Thank you so much for all your help!"

Krystal & Tyler

"Riley worked with us for a over a year on the purchase of our home. The sell of the home had to go through the court process due to a death in the family and multiple people being named beneficiaries. It was a long process but we are grateful that him and his team helped us along the way."

The Kane Family

"We contacted Riley and his team through a letter we received. We are so glad we did. They made the process of getting our home sold extremely easy and efficient. They did not rush us and we were able to sell and move out of he home when we were ready. Couldn’t of been happier."

Melissa & Richard

"My husband recently lost his job and we were in a tight spot. The bills started piling up. He found a new job, but by that time it was best for us to change our living arrangements. Selling our home was our best option. Riley was able to come up with a solution that got us the money we needed and allowed us the opportunity to stay in the home until we found somewhere else to stay. He was great to work with, and we were very happy with our decision to work with him."

Megan & Bobby Christiansen

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